Q: What is the PARDA routing/transit number?
A: The routing/transit number is 272478910

Q: What is PARDA’s mailing address?
A: Overnight Mail
PARDA Federal Credit Union
2601 Cambridge Court Suite 210
Auburn Hills, Mi 48326

Q: Where can I find the hours and location of your branches?
A: This information is available on our website by visiting Branches and ATM’s or clicking here. The hours are also posted at each respective branch.

Q: Where can I find a surcharge free ATM in my area that allows me to make deposits/withdrawals?
A: Click here to find free ATM’s near you- as well as shared branching!

Q: How does a Home Equity Line of Credit work?
A: The Credit Line gives you checkbook access to a 15-year revolving line of credit. It begins at an initial ARM rate (based on CLTV and credit score) with subsequent adjustments based on Prime plus 0.00%, 0.75% or 1.5% based on CLTV (Combined Loan-to-Value). Rate adjustments are quarterly. Payments are 1% of the outstanding balance and are due the 25th of each month. The minimum rate is your Start Rate, the maximum or ceiling rate is 18%. There are NO COSTS associated with a Home Equity Line of Credit.

Q: Do you have an Internet bill pay option?
A: Yes, we do have an Internet bill pay option and it is free of charge to all members. All you have to do is login to Online Banking and sign up. Click here to sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay!

Q: Do you offer mobile banking?
A: Yes, we do have mobile banking. You can download the PARDA app by clicking here!






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